Do you have a clear strategy for your career?

Do you have the career you want?

Do you have the representation you need?

Are you faced with a complex professional issue?

As an agent at William Morris and CAA, Marc represented writers, directors, producers, production companies, comedians, actors, and executives during his own extremely successful career. Get the benefit of over 25 years of industry experience.

Learn from someone who has done talent deals, financing, distribution, and license deals, represented two past WGA Presidents and guided clients through complex professional issues.

Success already exists for you. Marc can give you the key to access it.

Marc Pariser Interview with Nancy Fulton



Marc offers personalized one-on-one career coaching for people who work in the entertainment industry. Whether or not you have representation, Marc can help you clarify your career path, create a road map to get where you want to be professionally, help you deal with complex professional issues, and help you achieve success and personal satisfaction along the way.

A successful career requires more than just pitching, selling, auditioning, and looking for your next job. Learn how to:

  • Increase your chances of making agents and personal managers want to sign you.
  • Discover how to help your representative do the best job possible for you.
  • Learn what you can do, in addition to having representation, to maximize your chances for achieving your goals.

YOU hold the key to unlocking the success that already exists for you. Together we can help you ACCESS SUCCESS!

For inquiries, pricing and a FREE preliminary 20 minute consultation click the link below or leave a message at 818.850.5344 and provide your name and phone number.


"Marc Pariser was my very first television agent, got me my first job, and guided my career in the important early stages.  When he sniffs the air and says 'I smell money', you know he's bringing you a great opportunity!"

Diane English, Creator/Executive Producer, Murphy Brown
"Considering utilizing Marc's consulting service? I have three words for you: Worth Every Penny!

I consulted with Marc on behalf of an actor friend of mine; one hour with Marc provided me with the wisdom of an insider with over 30 years in the business; I couldn't even approach that value with the countless hours I had previously spent researching on the internet. Do yourself a favor: save time, headaches, and ultimately money – consult with Marc."

John Church, Producer
3SidesEntertainment, LivingLostmovie
"Marc Pariser is a consummate professional. During his career at CAA while representing me and my production company, Marc displayed the unique talent of managing crisis situations through his expert knowledge of the film and television business, and more importantly through his unique understanding of the human condition. Through Marc's wisdom, knowledge and experience, he redirected complicated conflicts to a complete resolution where all parties were satisfied, their points were heard, and the respective objectives were achieved. The penultimate results were that many careers flourished and important films found their way to fruition."

David Rosemont, Producer
"Marc Pariser is an incredibly knowledgeable and experienced entertainment professional, as well as an ethical, caring and dependable person.. Marc and I had mutual clients when he was an agent, and he could always be counted on for direct, practical, sound advice showing his expert knowledge of the business of entertainment. "

Hillary Bibicoff, Transactional Entertainment Attorney
"You'd be hard-pressed to find a more genuine, decent and experienced guy than Marc Pariser. He has an uncanny, instinctive feel for the business and knows how to present it. He understands its ebb and flow, its yin and yang. He knows the hood, and the hood is Hollywood. I used to follow Marc around in disguise and steal his advice. But you don't have to do that now. You can just give him a call."

David Chishom, Writer
"Blessed to have a wise mentor…Marc’s the real deal, with genuine intention to be of service and share his knowledge, experience and connections.  He’s been an indefatigable advocate of my work.  Adore the man and learn so damn much from him. "

Vicki Abelson, Actress, Author of Don't Jump: Sex, Drugs, Rock 'N Roll... And My Fucking Mother, Creator and Host of Vicki Abelson's Women Who Write
"Marc Pariser is the best agent I ever had. If there is anybody in this town who can help you navigate the twists and turns of a career, Marc is your man. He is caring, smart, honest, knowledgeable, charming, personable, and he knows the town inside and out."

Roger Young, Director
"Marc is a smart. quality guy with a world of experience. What's more he's got heart and a great sense of humor. Believe what you read here. He knows the business inside and out and is currently putting the finishing touches on an enterprise that may well revolutionize the industry. And did I mention that he's a real nice guy?"

Scott Swanton, Writer
"When it comes to show business, Marc is undoubtedly a walking encyclopedia. I've reached out to Marc on multiple occasions for his mentorship. He's been an invaluable asset in helping me navigate my career."

Armand Galustian, CAA
"Marc Pariser is a wealth of knowledge! His understanding of the industry gives him the ability to provide thorough guidance and help you map out a path to achieve success with your endeavors! Our counseling session has aided my understanding of the Industry and the specific steps I need to take to create the career that I desire."

Ericka Reynolds , Writer
"I was about to lose the option on a book from a bestselling author after many years of making hefty option payments, adapting it to screen on spec, and working tirelessly to raise money to produce an indie film.  I couldn’t afford the option renewal and the author’s agent flatly refused to give me an option extension without the payment.  

Marc suggested a brilliant alternative proposal and wrote a fantastic email outlining the offer for me to send to the author.  The author’s tough New York agent didn’t go for the new plan, but, in response to the email, she did give me a FREE 6 months Option!   

I would highly recommend Marc for any kind of negotiation – show business and beyond.  He is brilliant, savvy and kind.  As a former CAA agent, he knows every aspect of The Biz.  He understands how to help someone present him or herself in the best possible light and create a win/win situation for all parties involved.  Simply put, he’s the Best!  You can’t go wrong with Marc in your corner!  I only wish I could talk him into being my agent!"

Joanna Bloem, Writer/Producer, New Age Entertainment


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